Biodynamic Body Psychotherapy

About Body Psychotherapy

Biodynamic Psychotherapy was developed in the 1960's by Gerda Boyesen, a clinical psychologist and physiotherapist who was very much inspired by the work of Willheilm Reich and the psycho-postural work of Bulow-Hansen under which she trained.

Boyesen, became curious about the changes that she observed in her patients who received massage as part of their treatment. As a result of this she decided to study to become a physiotherapist.

What emerged was a comprehensive way of working psychotherapeutically called Biodynamic Psychology which makes use of different techniques (including Biodynamic Massage) to encourage a greater self-regulation and integration between body, mind and soul.

Body Psychotherapy is a trauma sensitive approach that can be particularly supportive with feelings related to anxiety, fear, anger, loss, depression or any psychological issues that are body related or as a different way of exploring our inner world and our past in relation to the present.

The aim of Biodynamic Psychology is to gently shed those mechanisms that inhibit us from living a fulfilled life and allow a greater integration and connection with our inner self and the world around us. It is a very creative way of exploring our core belief systems and internal dynamics. We might use a range of techniques including talking therapy, movement, guided image work, massage and so on, exploring different aspects of what emerges during our sessions.

I offer sessions both in-person and online.

To arrange a free consultation, discuss how we might wish to work together and answer any questions you might have, simply email me on [email protected]. My fees are £75 for a 1 hour session and £110 for 1.5h session.

The short video below from the European Association of Body Psychotherapy can help you gain a little more insight on how Body Psychotherapy can help you.