Biodynamic Body Psychotherapy

About Biodynamic Massage

Biodynamic Massage is a non-talking therapy which looks at the person in their entirety and can be experienced on its own or integrated into psychotherapeutic work to support and enrich the individual process.

It is particularly beneficial if you are experiencing low energy levels; feeling stuck or all over the place; feeling disjointed; feeling unsupported; stressed etc. or as a complimentary therapy supporting you with a variety of health conditions alongside medical treatment.

It is a gentle massage which goes beyond the physical sense of self and helps us integrate our experiences from a relaxed state of being as emotions and feelings naturally emerge during the session.

We can work on different layers and levels supporting your experience step by step and the techniques I use will vary accordingly. During one session we might for instance look to melt the tensions in the body or, on another occasion, we might aim to contain any overwhelming feelings or maybe, gently invite a freer movement of energy to inhabit our whole being. With this type of massage I will always tailor the treatment to your needs during each session.

Biodynamic Massage differs greatly from other types of massages as it also has a focus on your psychological process. Although it can be experienced as a standalone treatment it is more effective as a series of weekly sessions. A minimum of 6 sessions is recommended in order to notice any changes in our day to day, whilst a longer number of treatments would be ideal to support a deeper process and lasting change.

To arrange a free consultation, discuss how we might wish to work together and answer any questions you might have, simply email me on [email protected]. My fees are £75 for a 1 hour session and £110 for 1.5h session.