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The unprecedented developments with regards to COVID-19 are having a significant impact on our lives. The fast changes that we are required to adopt to our daily lives can be difficult to manage and in many cases can be experienced as overwhelming. If you are struggling to cope with the changes and uncertainties in your work situation, health and even changes to your social life. If you are having to self-isolate and struggling with loneliness, bereavement or if you simply would like to speak to someone during this time. This program can assist you.


Simply contact me utilizing the contact form on this page and I will email you back to arrange a first 30 minute free support call. If you wish you can schedule a regular call either weekly or twice weekly or you can simply book it as a one off,  whichever you think would be most beneficial to you. 
This is a confidential service you can utilize in a supportive way to talk or simply to receive some tools and exercises you can use at home to assist you during this time.

Any cancellations can be made up to 24h in advance.


First 30 minute call Free

Following 30 minute call = £20